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    Happy Independence Day

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    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day

    It’s with great pleasure we at CINFORES wish you a Happy Independence Day.

    For a long time, Nigeria has prided herself as the soul of the black world with a display of our rich diversity of cultures. Unlike the usual, this year Nigeria hits her Diamond Jubilee and we are glad to be witnesses and part of this development.

    As a nation we have faced several challenges that have built our character and aligned our collective mind towards true sustainability. Nigerians are known for their accountability, excellence and flexibility, which have built a foundation for trust and integrity amongst developed and developing nations.

    We at CINFORES are not far from our national heritage which can be seen in our products and their features. We will continue to project a more knowledgeable, sustainable and continuous improving nation through our values, culture and business model.

    With this, we wish you a wonderful Independence and pray that this Diamond Jubilee brings us all into a golden and favourable atmosphere.

    Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
    Long live Cinfores!!

    Happy Independence Day!!!