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    Health Management Information System

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    Health Management Information System

    The Health Management Information System (HMiS) is an online health management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform designed to improve the health care service delivery of the State.

    The platform amongst others is critical to delivering an efficient and effective health care for the people by the various health care delivery professionals through the provision of systems and data centers for policy planning and implementation.



    • Hospital Management
      • Registrations, Doctor’s appointments, Consultations, Investigations, Treatments

    (Prescriptions,   Drug administration, admissions, referrals), Treatment Closure

    • Funds Management
    • Collections / Income
    • Payments and Expenditures
    • Payment collection Mode (POS, USSD, Web, Bank Branch)
    • Staff scheduling and management
    • Communication/Voice/Data services for health workers
    • Inventory/Store management
    • Seamless Doctor-Laboratory-Pharmaceutical cycle
    • Reporting
    • Processes and Procedures Management
    • Feedback and Medical Support
    • Registration of medical service providers in the state
    • Registration and verification of medical practitioners in the state
    • Centralize medical records for the purpose of effective management



    • Accurate data/records for effective planning
    • Improved health care service delivery
    • Improved controls for better accountability and transparency
    • Improved revenue generation
    • Increased access to medical service
    • Supports remote / telemedicine
    • Supports the secure sharing of health information to and from where and when it is needed
    • Provides information to help diagnose health problems sooner, reduce medical errors and provide safer care at lower costs
    • Supports effective research and disease controls methods