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    The CINFORES Health Management Information System (HMiS)

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    The CINFORES Health Management Information System (HMiS)

    The CINFORES Health Management Information System (HMiS) is an online health management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform designed by CINFORES Limited to improve the health care service delivery of the a state.

    The platform amongst others is critical to deliver an efficient and effective health care for the people by the various health care delivery professionals through:

    • The provision of systems and data central for
    • Policy planning,
    • Setting targets
    • Policy implementation.

    Currently CINFORES Health Management Information System (HMiS) has been deployed for the River State Government in the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH).

    Among other things the system will achieve the following key objectives for the state:

    1. Provision of central data for effective and efficient health care service delivery
    1. Registration and Approval processes of Private Medical Services provided within the State
    2. Regulation of Public and Private medical service providers

    Within the period of its deployment we have been able to accomplish the following

    1. All Nineteen (19) registers received from RSUTH have been migrated and returned.
    2. Out of the estimated Sixty-six thousand five hundred (66,500) records to be entered from the Nineteen (19) registers received, Sixty-one thousand, seven hundred and eight (61,708) records have been entered and this implies 100% Job completion for records Migration.


    CINFORES is committed to providing this service both to State Government owned medical facilities and privately owned hospitals.