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    About CoMiS


    The Courts Management System (CoMiS), is a product of the Judicial Information Technology Policy Aimed at ensuring timely, efficient, effective administration of Justics. It is currently the nation’s foremost and most robust Court Management Information System.


    We noticed a common challenge

    The traditional management and processes of the Courts currently are somewhat antiquated and burdensome for judges, legal practitioners, various officers of the court and private citizens. This is mostly owing to the analogue pen-and-paper means of filing and other court processes. The process of filing, assigning, and tracking cases could be burdensome and daunting, especially in states where the traffic for filing cases are high, staff and physical storage facilities are limited and are easily overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of litigations and related activities in the courts.
    Furthermore, the process of making an affidavit for deponents and affiants is easily one of the most unregulated processes in the judicial system; and this has led to rise of quacks and touts who hang around courts to make affidavits for unsuspecting members of the public. The resultant effect of this is loss of revenue, forgery, defective and irregular processes, and lack of data on affidavits emanating from the courts.


    How we solved it

    • Migration of old cases.
    • Centralization of All Payments in Judiciary.
    • Elimination of all manual payments.
    • Generation of e-affidavit Digitization of all High and Magistrate courts in the state Remote / Virtual Court Hearing in some courts


    Features of CoMiS

    • eFiling
    • eAffidavit
    • eAssessment
    • ePayments
    • Case (Suit) number assignment
    • Case Assignment
    • Case Management
    • Video Conferencing
    • Applications Management
    • Probate Management
    • Lis Pendens Management
    • eNotifications and Court service
    • Capacity Development & Certifications Virtual Hearing

    Benefits of CoMiS

    ICT Capacity Development, Case filing convenience (anywhere and at anytime)
    Remote / virtual hearing of court cases Access to case details from the portal
    Make applications online for search, certified true copy of documents, affidavits etc.
    Regularly get update of court proceedings upon payment of prescribed fees.






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