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    Why Partner with us

    Cinfores Limited / Why Partner with us



    Cinfores is an indigenous ICT company registered under the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria. The company has the prestigious BrainFriend, other educational soft wares and other public and private sector solutions.  The company produces an ICT cutting edge that is web–based, geared towards client satisfaction and business fulfillment. We are inspired to provide solution that assists our client resolve technological issues from services to product.

    A satisfied client is our gain and reward.

    Products and Services

    The portfolio of Cinfores is built on innovativeness via process of re-engineering aimed at overcoming existing and emerging challenges borne out of a quest to leverage ICT for sustainable development. Our product and services spans through ICT for sustainable development in education, law, agriculture, revenue, health, land etc.


    1. Schools (private and public)
    2. Tertiary institutions (Government owned)
    3. Organisations (private and public)
    4. Government and their MDAS

    Partnership type

    We do businesses with other bodies such as the government, public and private organisation and we operate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of partnership both at minor and major type. Aside direct partnership with us for purely Cinfores related businesses, we can also partner with you on behalf of a client or a client’s client. On meeting our requirement, adequately filling of the partnership form and signing agreement documents, you become a Cinfores certified partner or contractor (C2P OF C3).  You will automatically be tasked with the responsibility of supervising and coordinating partnership deals and contracts, manage all the exigencies of contracts including the stress, the risks, and the opportunities. These contracts as earlier indicated could be either directly with Cinfores of on behalf of clients to the 3rd dimension.

    Products/Service Brief

    Our products and services spans through an array of

    1. Management information systems
    • COMIS
    • HMIS
    • PUSMIS
    • EMIS
    • TAMIS
    1. BrainFriend
    2. e-Campus
    3. e-Skool
    4. eSms

    Partnership Benefits

    1. Become ambassadors of technological change and advancement
    2. Co-labour in the improvement of standard of education with modern teaching and learning tool
    3. Project the performance of students in this region and Nigeria through ICT
    4. The empowerment of teachers and student with relevant and required ICT skills for today’s learning
    5. Be a part of something big by encouraging this region to adapt and adopt e-learning which is common amongst developed nations of the world
    6. Help create a viable interest in wealth generation through ICT
    7. Creation of jobs through the equipping with ICT skills and competence
    8. Together we eradicate the menace of mal practice in our educational systems
    9. Make computer literacy in all level of our educational sector a reality


    We carry out periodic evaluation (open up discussion on progress reports on projects).

    At cinfores, we are poise to making “YOU”  our partner relevant.