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    Categories of Partnership

    Cinfores Limited / Categories of Partnership


    At Cinfores limited, we have proposed to have 14 major categories of partners to enhance our capabilities, expand the market reach, and deliver innovative solutions, they are namely:

    1. Marketing and PR Agencies:
      1. Partnerships for joint marketing campaigns and brand promotion.
      2. Collaboration with PR agencies for effective communication strategies.
    2. Technology Providers:
      1. Hardware manufacturers and distributors.
      2. Software vendors and developers.
      3. Cloud service providers.
      4. Data center and hosting providers.
    3. Strategic Alliances:
      1. Collaboration with consulting firms for joint projects and expertise sharing.
      2. Partnerships with other IT companies to combine strengths and offer comprehensive solutions.
    4. Government and Regulatory Bodies:
      1. Collaboration with government agencies for technology adoption and compliance.
      2. Partnerships with regulatory bodies to navigate and comply with industry regulations.
    5. Telecommunications Companies:
      1. Partnerships with telecom operators for connectivity solutions (data)
      2. Collaboration on projects related to mobile technology and communication infrastructure.
    6. Educational Institutions:
      1. Collaboration with universities and colleges for talent acquisition and skill development.
      2. Joint research projects and technology transfer programs.
    7. Startups and Incubators:
      1. Collaboration with technology startups for innovation and emerging solutions (For e.g. Tech creek, Ken Sarowiwa Start up and e.t.c).
      2. Involvement in startup incubation programs and mentorship initiatives.
    8. Financial Institutions and Fintech Companies:
      1. Partnerships with banks and financial institutions for secure payment solutions (Such as Mastercard)
      2. Collaboration with fintech companies for financial technology innovations.
    9. Healthcare Providers:
      1. Collaboration with healthcare organizations for IT solutions in the health sector, such as the Ministry of Health.
      2. Joint projects related to health information systems and telemedicine.
    10. E-commerce and Retail Partners: (For our payment gateway)
      1. Partnerships with e-commerce platforms for digital solutions.
      2. Collaboration with retail businesses for point-of-sale and inventory management systems.
    11. Cybersecurity Firms:
      1. Partnership with cybersecurity companies for enhanced security solutions.
      2. Collaboration on projects addressing cybersecurity challenges of our solutions (SaaS, IaaS).
    12. Community and Non-Profit Organizations:
      1. Collaboration with NGOs for technology-driven solutions to address social issues.
      2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in partnership with local communities.
    13. International Partnerships:
      1. Collaboration with international IT companies for global market expansion.
      2. Joint ventures with foreign technology firms for cross-border projects (For instance concerning the Japan Project)
    14. Legal and Compliance Partners:
      1. Partnerships with legal firms for navigating legal complexities.
      2. Collaboration with compliance experts to ensure adherence to regulations.


    Here is a list of our Products/Service

    Our products and services spans through an array of Software as a Service to Infrastructure as a Service.

    • CoMiS
    • HMiS
    • PuSMiS
    • EMiS
    • TaMiS
    1. BrainFriend
    2. e-Campus
    3. e-Skool
    4. eSMS

    EMiS is an information management system that enables the educational sector and other relevant stakeholders find a one- stop-shop for all relevant administrative activities as it relates to schools (both private and public) in all LGAs and states. It caters for registration of private schools, enrolment of pupils and students in both private and public schools, manages processes and procedures for registering a new school, renewal of existing registration and even proffer a change on the existing registration.


    PuSMiS is a system put in place to managed a nation’s or state’s or LGA’s employees. PuSMiS is a management information system developed as a veritable tool to manage the Public Service data.

    CoMiS is the Court Management Information System, which serves as an information management system that seeks to enable the State Judiciary and other relevant stakeholders find a one-stop-shop for all relevant administrative activities as it relates to Judiciary arm of government in all LGAs of the State.


    TaMiS is a Tax Management Information System that provides taxpayers and tax administrators a convenient and effective means of paying and managing taxes. TaMIS provides the general tax-paying public the very rare opportunity to not only pay their taxes, but to own their tax records and tax- related activities.



    HMiS is a Health Management Information System providing online health management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that is designed to improve the health care service delivery of any state or nation. This platform is critical to deliver an efficient and effective health care for the people by the various health care delivery professionals through the provision of systems and data central for policy planning and implementation.



    BrainFriend is Nigeria’s foremost e-learning and examination preparatory tool. It complements classroom learning as well as serves as an examination preparatory tool. The software package is developed to aid all students/pupils ranging from primary through the senior secondary and post-secondary schools.

    eSkool is an automated school management systems for nursery, primary and secondary schools both privately owned and public settings.







    eCampus is designed to be a one-stop solution that will meet the needs of students, lecturers, school administrators and all stakeholders of tertiary education within and outside the university community.




    eSMS is a scholarship administration and management tool with a robust application for multinational and philanthropically organisations in proper administration of scholarship to beneficiaries.




    Examiner is a question and answer management system that enables educators’ conductor an electronic examination without hitches. It provides a quick assessment of candidates/students after an examination.