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    Animation Process

    Cinfores Limited / Animation Process

    Our Animation Process

    Wondering how you are going to get your project done? At Cinfores, we perform a step-by-step process
    of getting the work done. We have a team of professionals who understands the dynamics
    involved in the animating process.

    Key elements we consider

    • The script for your proposed animation video
    • The target audience
    • Your brand
    • The project duration

    Here’s our workflow chart:

    The Script

    We build an initial script for your review and approval
    or you provide your own script.

    The Storytelling

    At this stage, we focus on how to best convey the message in a visual manner. Here, we create a storyboard as a visual representation of the story; showing the desired actions to be made in the animation – just like in a comic book.
    We send you the storyboard for review and input. 

    Voice-over Recording

    Our voice actors create voice-overs in accents, tones and inflections that will meet your specified requirements. For your animations, you may choose to provide your voice-over.


    This is the stage where we put all the amazing details together to develop the animation. We design the illustrations, create characters and use all the necessary resource to bring your story to life. We also add custom-made music to make your animation video more captivating.


    Our professional reviewers go through the animated videos to ensure perfection in all ramification, ensuring your satisfaction.