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    Why You Need to Pass Your Examinations

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    Why You Need to Pass Your Examinations

    I have to come see everything in life, through the eyes of an entrepreneur whose sole interest is to exchange money for value and make profit out of it. Yes, life is about doing business and making profit, but how much profit one wants or needs to make, solely depends on one. I’ve got you thinking, right? So, you are wondering, ‘what does my passing exam have to do with making profit’? I’ll tell you.

    You see, the primary purpose of being enrolled in school, is to enable you acquire knowledge, skills, and competence for a life-long career in any walk of life. At graduation, while you are a product of your school, it is expected that you would also have made good profit from the experiences you may have gathered especially from your teachers who were responsible for guiding you through learning activities and programmes. This is why a graduate can easily be described as “one who is found worthy in character and in learning”.

    However, part of what enables you attain this qualification, is the fact that you have to pass your examinations without compromising to any form of exam malpractice. Examinations are pathways to your profiting that comes in form of good grades, character building, and positive mental health. In other words, the profits of your academic experience, is in passing your examinations. It actually gives you feelings of happiness, confidence, sense of fulfillment, and self-worth and achievement. All these culminate in what Abraham Maslow calls self-actualization or self-satisfaction.

    You see, at one point or the other in life, everyone looks out for the meaning of life, and as a student, passing exams helps you to find meaning in life. Yes, passing your examination serves as a catalyst or driving force to do better at every turn in life; a motivation to move forward in life. The more exams you pass, the more meaning you make out of life as a student. You will gain more sense of achievement and actually enjoy the whole business of acquiring education. The business of schooling won’t be burdensome but exciting, because you are naturally motivated by previous successes at exams to study better in order to prepare for your forthcoming examinations. You will not only enjoy your education, but also put in more efforts to excel in it, and this ultimately becomes a huge source of satisfaction.

    By mastering the art of preparing for, and passing examinations, you are also able to know your strengths and weaknesses which helps you to make informed decisions about your study choices and other aspects of your student life. This is because you become more focused, and able to know precisely what you want out of life. I have never known a more confident people than students who know what they want. They usually exhibit an incredible amount of positive thinking or optimism which leads to a good sense of self-worth. Passing your examination therefore makes you understand and discover your uniqueness, reactions and emotions. Therefore, you don’t only have a sense of self-worth, from passing exams, but it also gives you a high level of self-awareness that leads to self-satisfaction.

    As you prepare to write another examination, I encourage you to to come to terms with yourself and tell yourself that it’s time to make another huge profit. Rather than entertain fear of failure, focus on the profit(s) you stand to make in your scholarly business. Passing exam is a goal that must be achieved in order to generate, and maintain a total wellbeing in life, especially as a student.


    OHIA, Irene