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    Terms and Conditions of Partnership

    Cinfores Limited / Terms and Conditions of Partnership


    For any contractual agreement, it is important to consider the rules regulating such contractual relationship. For Cinfores limited, please read through our terms and conditions for partnership relationship.

    Here are the basic requirements for individuals who want to earn a partnership license. These requirements include:



    1. Evidence of Incorporation of your Company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and updated Annual Returns; Article of Association; form C02; and form C07.Possessing a high level of work standard
    2. Being able to work legally in Nigeria.
    3. Having a clean work record with signed contract documents and certificates as proof
    4. Provide proof of liability insurance, a federal Tax Identification Number and proof of a business address by showing a utility bill or a lease.
    5. Practical experience in the area of interest is very important
    6. Company tax compliance information; this information reveals the level of compliance with tax payment. Current Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) for the last three (3) years ending 2014; VAT Registration Certificate; and TIN Number (Tax Identification Number).
    7. A reference from a bank of reputable standing for the partner
    8. Possession of audited account of your Company for the last three (3) years duly endorsed by a firm of Professional Accountants.


    1. All partners must have duly filled and signed partnership registration form indicating type and category of partnership.
    2. Partners will render business service or product sales in accordance with best practices (act honestly, fairly and ethically) and compliance to all relevant laws and regulations.
    3. Skills are expected from reputable partners in the execution of the service or as sales representative for the company.
    4. The partnership  constitutes the agreement between all parties concerned and agreement is valid when it is put in writing and signed by both parties involved
    5. For goods/products e.g. BrainFriend, partners are required to present a filled purchase order form presented by the company.
    6. The both parties are saddled with the sole right of accepting or declining the partnership before going deep into contractual agreement where there is gap of dissatisfaction.
    7. The company has the sole right of patents on any of her products and services.
    8. The contractor has the free right of use of company’s patents product and service.
    9. Projects or contracts with expiration should have the expected start time  (EST) and expected completion time (ECT)
    10. Read through and sign partnership MOU/Agreement document
    11. Partnership can be dissolved with prior knowledge, adequate reason (s) and the financials in clean records.




    Cinfores Limited, a Company under the Corporate Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and having its registered office at 60 Prof. Okujagu Street, Off Odili Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.