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    E-Learning Software

    The conventional way of education is having students listen to their teacher going on for hours; administer examination and generate test results; manage teachers and students records, etc. With the advent of Cinfores Education packages, you build capacity, knowing every student who walks through the door has different learning needs, help students become academic genius, and enjoy a seamless school operation and scholarship programs. Making education more interactive, fun and effective with our BrainFriend Teachers Development Courses, video and animated lessons, educational games, and centralized reporting and analysis, etc. with our school administration platforms.
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    Education Management Information System

    Our Education Management Information System (EMiS) eases the management of the education at all levels. It is a one-stop-shop for all administrative activities as it relates to private and public schools at all levels. This includes the registration of schools, enrolment of pupils/students, enrollment of teachers, registration for public/external exams, student transfers, payments, result generation/publication, etc.
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