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    Cinfores Limited / VIDEO PRODUCTION


    At Cinfores, our video production team undergoes all the processes involved in producing top-notch
    educational, historical, tutorial and entertainment videos for your satisfaction.

    Our video production work process

    • Setting Up
    • The Shoot
    • Post Production/Final Design

    Setting Up

    The setup is an important aspect of video production. Our team ensures that the cameras, lights and sound systems are in perfect condition.

    The Shoot

    We usually have dry run sessions to prepare each presenter for their shoots after which the shoot proper follows. This entails having a presenter deliver the content of a well-crafted script in the most appropriate and comprehensible manner as the video director ensures all scripts are delivered properly.

    Post Production/Final

    At this stage, all the pieces are put together. The audio and video are synchronised and normalized; colour-corrections and special effects are made – after which the video is rendered.

    Our creative team will be elated to take you through these processes and transform your work into an amazing piece that will communicate your desired message to your audience.