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    Cinfores Limited / VOICE-OVER SERVICES


    Voice-overs that communicate the life of your story!
    Voice-overs, also known as off-stage commentaries are read from scripts by professional voice actors – each actor representing a character in the story.


    Voice-Over Recording

    At Cinfores digital audio studio, we have well-trained voice actors. Our voice actors create voice-overs in accents, tones and inflections that meet your specified requirements.
    The voice-overs are pre-recorded and edited at our digital audio studio.

    Audio Editing

    At our well-equipped digital audio recording studio, we have high-resolution audio equipment. The audio booth on the other hand is highly sound proofed to ensure that voice-overs produced are of very high quality.
    We have professional audio editors who have great wealth of experience and skills in recording, creating synthetic voice-overs, editing, mixing, mastering and producing audios to meet your requirement.
    These audios could be for educational videos, films, commercials/advertorials, musicals and so on.
    Let us help you communicate your content effectively to your audience!

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