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    Court Management Information System

    The Court Management Information System (CoMiS) is an automated platform that enables the State Judiciary and other relevant stakeholders find a one-stop-shop for all administrative activities as it relates to the  Judiciary arm of government in all LGAs of the State. PRODUCT FEATURES: e-Filing e-Assessment e-Payments ...

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    Public Service Management Information System

    Public Service Management Information System (PusMiS) is an automated platform that eliminates the herculean task of the existing manual (Pen/Paper) system of staff administration and management of Public Service data, processes and procedures. It curbs the irregularities plaguing the commission and reposition the Civil Service for...

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    CINFORES Examiner

    Cinfores Examiner, a robust and powerful application, is a questions and examination management system/service that enables teachers, lecturers and educators to conduct electronic examinations quickly and easily. With the Examiner, you can quickly create your assessments, establish your examination schedule, edit your questions and question...

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    eSMS is a scholarship administration and management tool that has been Tried, Tested and Proven Over the years. Emerging from just a recruitment web portal for scholarship applicants into a robust stand-alone application used by most multinational companies and governmental organizations in Nigeria and beyond....

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    CINFORES eCampus

    The e-Campus service is an assembly of web packages and tools that provide the essentials needed for the total running of tertiary institutions electronically. These tools constitute the institution's online portal, students, examinations and records manager, query master, online application form, e-payment console, web2sms, email...

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    CINFORES eSkool

    CINFORES eSkool gives you a centralized platform that effectively controls and manages your school resources, by generating a quick report along with process dispatch time. It offers an effective monitoring and evaluation system due to adequate communication, with a high level of personal and academic...

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