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    Tax Management Information System (TaMiS)

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    Tax Management Information System (TaMiS)

    This proposed system is designed to warehouse a database of all eligible tax-paying entities (organisations and individuals) via a Big Data Database. The Database, which will cut across the various sectors of the economy will serve as a veritable tool for the effective planning and management of the State economy in addition to making tax administration and management effective and efficient.

    In the 21st century, no significant and sustainable development can be achieved without requisite data.

    To this end, the proposed system is geared towards the key objectives:


    1. Provide the necessary data and framework to guide Government on ways to improve internally generated revenue in the State.
    2. Provide the necessary infrastructure to improve service delivery to the public.
    3. Have the necessary framework to increase the tax net of the state with a view to explore all approved taxes based on the Act Amendment Order 2015.
    4. Have a centralized revenue collection platform with decentralized capabilities for MDAs to optimally enforce compliance and regulatory activities.


    Features of TaMiS

    The proposed TaMiS have the following features though not limited to them:

    1. Registration of Tax-Payers (corporate/individual)
    2. Payment for Taxes (PAYE & Withholding Tax), levies and fees using various channels
    3. Submission of annual returns
    4. Application for Tax clearance certificate
    5. Verification of Tax payers and payments
    6. Online and offline receipting
    7. Informal sector profiling and payment collections using various channels
    8. Tax calculator for self-assessment


    Benefits of TaMiS

    Some of the benefits that will accrue to the State on the adoption of proposed management Information System for the state are as follows:

    1. Real-time data and information of all Taxpaying entities in the State (Corporate or Individuals) for effective planning.
    2. Interactive platform for self service and convenience
    3. Interactive platform for self service and convenience
    4. Improved and direct access to quality service delivery from the Internal Revenue Service – less difficulties in fulfilling tax obligations
    5. Effective monitoring and enforcement to ensure compliance.
    6. Elimination of thuggery and harassments in enforcements
    7. Increase in overall IGR of the State
    8. It guarantees business continuity as cloud storage is utilized for securing all relevant data and information.
    9. Easy and secure access to reports and statistics for planning and effective decision making.


    The solution is self-sustaining and thus requires little or no external support to keep afloat.