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    BrainFriend eLearning Tablet

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    BrainFriend eLearning Tablet

    CINFORES Limited introduces Nigeria’s foremost e-learning and examination preparatory software, BrainFriend, which now comes installed in a 7 inch screen size Tablet; the BrainFriend eLearning Tablet. The Tablet comes pre-installed with the full package of BrainFriend in three unique versions;

    1. Primary
    2. Junior Secondary
    3. Senior Secondary

    One of the reasons for poor performance is lack of adequate content to boost continuous self-learning. Scholars should be given opportunity to learn beyond the immediate classroom lessons. The BrainFriend eLearning Tablet bridges this gap.

    It provides the following key benefits to students;

    • It is an affordable and easy to use tool to complement classroom learning
    • It affords users the opportunity to experience standard lessons with quality and effective delivery irrespective of their geographical location in the country or family status (rich or poor)
    • Requires minimal electricity power to charge; and works without electricity for 4 hours continuously
    • The Device provides textbooks, over 200 video lessons and over 10,000 questions per class

    For schools and teachers, it affords the following;

    • Helps schools to provide their teachers with basic capacity development in education at regular intervals
    • Provides teachers with a self paced personal development platform
    • Serves as an orientation & development course for teachers without education background

    The BrainFriend elearning and examination preparatory software has the following key features;

    • Over 70,000 Questions and Answers
    • 25,000 Theorems, Definitions and Formulae
    • Over 60 subjects in (Primary & Secondary Schools) including the 3 major Nigerian languages and Entrepreneurial Studies
    • Prototype Questions for: Common Entrance, JSSCE, SSSCE , UTME & Post-UTME
    • A’ Level questions and answers in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics
    • Career Guide

    The Tablet is currently being used by Three (3) schools in Abuja, FCT and Two (2) schools in Port Harcourt, Rivers state all in Nigeria.

    For more enquiries on how to get the BrainFriend eLearning Tablet call 07030586385 or send a mail to info@cinfores.com.