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    EMIS Media Chat

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    EMIS Media Chat


    The Rivers State Ministry of Education has in the last four (4) years embarked on various infrastructural and organizational reforms. With the massive support of His Excellency, our schools are wearing new looks, our teachers are motivated, and ICT has been introduced to give the proper organizational structure required to improve the quality of education service delivery in the State.

    We are amongst the pioneer states in the country embarking on such a massive data project as Rivers State Education Management Information System (RivEMIS). This project ensures conformance to best practices, easy administration and management, evaluation/monitoring of level of compliance to policies and regulations in the education sector.

    To give meaningful direction to all these, we have developed a new minimum requirement document for all schools in the state. This is available online at rivemis.riversstate.gov.ng. It contains all the requirements that must be met before a school can be duly approved to operate in the state.

    Furthermore, our educational portal, RivEMIS now stands as the main interface between us, the public and schools operating in the state (both public and private).



    RIVEMIS is a One-stop-shop for Education Management and Administration in Rivers state initiated to improve the quality of education service delivery.



    1) Nursery Schools

    2) Primary Schools

    3) Junior Secondary Schools

    4) Senior Secondary Schools

    5) Extra-Moral Classes

    6) A‘ Level Schools

    7) Vocational/Technical Schools



    1) School Administrators

    • Private School owners
    • Principals/ Head teachers
    • Policy makers/Regulators

    ▪ RSUBEB

    ▪ RSSSB

    ▪ RSMOE

    2) Teachers

    3) Pupils/Students

    4) Parents

    5) Alumni

    6) Citizens



    1. a) School Registration
    • Application for new schools
    • Approval process
    • Renewal process
    • Upgrade process
    1. b) Staff/Student enrolment (Administrative)
    • Staff enrolment/upload of staff records
    • Student enrolment/upload of student records
    1. c) Student ( Academic Records)
    • Continuous Assessment
    • Examinations/ Results
    • Certification Exams
    1. d) Examination (BECE, etc.) Registration
    • BECE
    • State-wide Mock
    1. e) Payments for Various Activities
    • Bank Branch
    • Bank Transfer
    • Debit Cards
    1. f) Quality Assurance/School facility Inspection
    2. g) School search, rating
    3. h) Complaint/ Reporting Interface
    4. i) Advertorial/ school Visibility
    • Advertisements
    • Feature schools
    1. j) Reports/Analysis
    2. k) Notifications/Communications
    3. l) Support/Administration
    4. m) Placement/Transfer Certificate
    • JSS1
    • SSS1
    1. n) School calendar
    2. o) Approved books


    REGISTRATION Some of the activities involved in BECE registration and examination includes but not limited to:

    1 Upload the list of JSS3 Students Ends 14th of April, 2019
    2 Register for the BECE Jan – 14th April 2019
    3 Make their payments for BECE registration Ends 14th April 2019
    4 Upload their photos for exam photo album Ends 14th April 2019
    5 Upload their CA for certificate/result computation Ends 30th April, 2019
    6 Downloading photo Album 30th April 2019
    7 Downloading Mark and Attendance sheet 1st May 2019
    8 Printing of examination papers April – 10th May 2019
    9 Scheduling May 2019
    10 Examinations 13th – 23rd May 2019
    11 Supervision 13th – 23rd May 2019
    12 Marking result imputation 13th May – 13th Jun 2019
    13 Result computation July 2019
    14 Moderation July 2019
    15 Result Publication August 2019
    Resit registration and exams August – September 2019
    16 Certificate Printing August – September 2019
    17 Certificate Issuance August – September 2019



    Since the inception of BECE in 2008/2009 session, candidates have not been issued their certificates. However, the current administration has taken necessary approaches such as result migration (of 2008/2009 – 2017/2018 BECE results) to ensure that all certificates are available and ready for issuance to past and current candidates. The schedule for BECE certificate issuance and printing is as follows:


    1 2017/2018 15th April, 2019.
    2 2016/2017 31st May, 2019.
    3 2015/2016 31st May, 2019.
    4 2014/2015 31st May, 2019.
    5 2013/2014 July 2019
    6 2012/2013 July 2019
    7 2011/2012 July 2019
    8 2010/2011 July 2019
    9 2009/2010 July 2019
    10 2008/2009 July 2019




    For effective communication as regards exams registration, various channels would be engaged to ensure real-time updates and dissemination of information.

    • Dedicated Call/Support lines to send information across to schools.
    • Use of SMS.
    • Newsletter via e-mails.
    • Advertisements (photos & videos), jingles and announcements.
    • Live chats (Whatsapp, Facebook, Webchat)
    • On Facebook, twitter and histogram our handle is @riversemis



    The Ministry in partnership with the ICT department will be making available an EMIS SchoolBox which contains the following:

    • A laptop
    • Data bundle for the year
    • Solar panel + Inverter
    • Technical support


    This provides every school with the minimum required tool to use the RivEMiS platform. With an affordable monthly subscription, both public and private schools can fulfil their role to comply with the various policies of Government in the State.

    To adequately support all of these and many more services, the Ministry is upgrading its ICT infrastructure with the help of the State ICT department to ensure that there are hiccups on the way.

    We are hopeful that all these and many more would have been setup before September 2019.